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The Lack of knowledge of runes in this fandom scares me so we’re about throw down some knowledge here

that one explains itself yah?

(all of these were created by Val Friere  a friend of Cassie’s and part of an inspiration for the books)

Clairvoyant sight: allows Shadowhunters to see the Shadow world with ease, unlike Clary in the first book and on a little later, which she describes as stripping paint away to reveal a new layer. This is places on a Shadowhunter’s dominant hand and is the first permanent rune received by a Shadowhunter usually at the age of 12.

Heightened speed: increases the speed at which a Shadowhunter moves, reacts and fights 

Soundless: Allows the Shadowhunter to move, walk, and sneak around with little to know sound. Shadowhunters are often described as extremely quiet, which leads me to believe that this is an often used rune.

Strength: Increased strength for a Shadowhunter

Deflect/Block: Allows a Shadowhunter the heightened defense against attacks of magic and other Downworlder or Demon powers.

Heal/Painless: Real name is an Iratze, used to heal minor injuries and to dull the pain of major ones until further action from Silent Brothers can be administered to the injured Shadowhunter.

Fearless: This is the Fearless rune created by Clary in City of Ashes, which is first tested on Alec, when he almost tells his parents about his interest in Magnus. One of Alec’s biggest fears, the rune allowed him to have no fear at all.

Angelic Power: also called the Ankeli rune in the prologue of Clockwork Princess. This rune allows a Shadowhunter to connect more fully with their heightened abilities granted to them in their as Shadowhunters from the time of Raziel and Jonathan Shadowhunter

Speak in Tongues: Allows a Shadowhunter to understand and speak in foreign languages as well as demon languages

Gift/Talent:  Increases a Shadowhunter’s natural aptitude with certain skills or talents, most likely used in combination with the Angelic Power Rune or other runes that create a heightened ability

Stamina: Allows for the ability to sustain prolonged action and mental duress. Increased endurance.

Agility: Increased grace and litheness. An ability to move with ease and confidence, allows a Shadowhunter to be more nimble and quick in close and dangerous combat

Courage in Combat: Allows one to overcome their fear of pain, injury, etc. in combat. While it has similar effects as the Fearless rune, this only applies in combat and does not offer blind fearlessness, which can also lead to brash action, but it allows Shadowhunters the ability to more easily overcome fears specific to combat situations.

Fortitude: Creates increased mental and physical endurance to pain and adversity.

Equilibrium: Creates increased physical balance.

Precision: Allows a Shadowhunter to see, act, and fight in an exact and accurate manner

Bind To: Created by Clary in City of Glass. This rune allows Shadowhunters and Downworlders to fight together with a similar bond that of Parabatai; allowing them to draw on each other’s power and strength during a battle.

Recall: Allows a Shadowhunter to remember details, words, and events with absolute exactness. William Herondale has this rune as a permanent rune as is mentioned in The Infernal Devices.

Mourning: Symbolic rune worn by the family  and friends of a deceased Shadowhunter during the funeral burning. An example of this would be the Lightwoods at Max’s funeral, or those who did attend Valentine’s funeral with some attitude of fondness in their remembrance of him.

Wedded Union: The symbolic rune placed on the arms of both Shadowhunters during their wedding ceremony.

Love: The symbolic rune placed over the hearts of both Shadowhunters during their wedding ceremony.



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