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The descent into Hell is easy

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I like books that ruin me.
I don’t want some feel good shit.
I want it to haunt me for the rest of my life, I want to think of a line randomly and just feel my insides churn because of the emotions it made me feel.
That should be any authors goal.
To inflict such intense emotions that the reader has no other choice but hear the echos of their own voice reading the words you wrote on the page.

That is why I love reading.

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"Read as much as you can. Nothing will help you as much as reading."


Top 10 TMI characters voted by my followers:

10 → Luke Garroway/Lucian Graymark.

  • The more you try to crush your true nature, the more it will control you. Be what you are. No one who really loves you will stop.” 

ianoshea replied to your post “okay I think the ship wars are effing pointless and I’m gonna say the…”

I dont understand TID ship wars because like Will and Tessa were endgame but then Will lived his life and died and now she’s with Jem like WAHT IS WRONG WITH THAT IT WAS THE BEST OF BOTH WORDLS?!?!

yeah, just because you like one more than the other doesn’t mean it’s any less real

Anonymous asked: omg check imparalyzedbyitt//sydneysgae, she's saying horrible things about Cassie

idk, man I looked at it, but I hate getting even slightly involved in this shit. Really. It’s their opinion but thing is the Jessa stuff isn’t even published, it’s not for profit or gain or publicity as even half the fans aren’t even reading them, she literally gains nothing from publishing them, and the thing is, you don’t know whose claims are true and aren’t in these situations (from what I gathered) but people harassing and adding to the drama redirecting to stuff like this and everything doesn’t help anyone. 

I know maybe you meant well, but adding to the fire and trying to get people to take action, just doesn’t help :/

Anonymous asked: Don't you think it was great that in city of heavenly fire they were in the demon realm in total danger and jace actually brought condoms

I’m on the more thinking he had one on him for a while bc ya never know spontaneous combustion of passion may occur at any time and he jus thought if they might die tomorrow at least they would have gotten to spend the night together, just like the last night they spent together when they thought they were gonna die,  except you know ‘steamier’ (hehe I’m punny) um so yeah 

but even if it were just like on total purpose it’s still golden 

Anonymous asked: Sorry for bothering you but I was wondering if the dark artifices was out? Sorry I just can't keep track and was wondering

no worries :) It won’t be out until fall of next year 


What if Mark falls in love in The Hunt and when they let him go he has to leave them behind, and with all the murders going on and the messy Fae politics he starts trying to do what he can to secretly protect the person he loves, and that’s why he starts to push so hard to be involved in the new investigations.


What if the Clave finds out that Mark has been involving himself in restricted investigations that they’ve barred him from due to his certain ‘affiliations’ with the Fae, and they threaten to strip him of his marks, and Jules, feeling like he HAS to do something this time, stands in front of him and says he would rather they strip him of his marks then force an innocent Shadowhunter into misery to press their own agenda, reminding them that they need every man they have if they want to survive

I’m feeling some serious fae involvement with Mark and these murders since he has a lover like yeah

Revenge and Jules are the two things Emma loves, and it’s funny how she’s gonna hurt herself going after both.

http://cityoftmitexts.tumblr.com/post/75533991616/simon-mass-text cityoftmitexts

Simon - Mass Text

  • Simon: you guys I need a new band name give me ideas
  • Clary: Jordan Kyle and the other guys
  • Jordan: I like it
  • Jace: Brooklyn Virgins
  • Maia: we don't want to spread lies, Jace
  • Alec: Out of sync
  • Isabelle: science nerds on the block
  • Jordan: I think you're forgetting I'm in this band
  • Magnus: Glitter
  • Simon: it's needs two words
  • Clary: don't tell me you're actually considering some of these
  • Magnus: Glitter geeks
  • Jace: mangos and tomato soup
  • Alec: backstreet boys
  • Alec: wait
  • Isabelle: Google map direction
  • Jace: Rat! at the vampire lair
  • Clary: Artic hipsters
  • Alec: yy
  • Magnus: the gayborhood
  • Jace: lords of the comic books
  • Isabelle: falling into broken dreams
  • Alec: the fault in our bands names
  • Clary: An abundance of collectable action figures
  • Magnus: looking for girls with low standards
  • Sebastian: slaves to Sebastian Morgenstern the great
  • Simon: you can all leave now

okay I think the ship wars are effing pointless

and I’m gonna say the truth, no one side is less guilty, ever. 

not once, you personally may not have done anything when CP2 came out but there was a lot of hate for the canon then

hate for TMI ships, hate everywhere

say what you want about ships but don’t tag them don’t harass people



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